Does your organisation have its house in order?

180 common problems

There are some 180 problematic issues commonly reported by executives and staff representing all industries both in Australia and internationally. These issues reveal themselves through statistics such as:

  • 71% of all employees only doing what is absolutely necessary to get through the day (not engaged),
  • 15% of employees actively undermining their colleagues’ positive efforts (disengaged) at a cost to their organisation $3,400 for every $10,000 of salary or 34%
  • 23% of employees reported feeling burned out at work very often or always
  • 32% of employees experiencing workplace bullying
  • 7.7 hours per employee wasted each week because of role ambiguity and nuisance-factor work

Cost to Australian business per year caused by workplace issues:

  • $5.4 billion  due to work-related stress and psychological risks
  • $4.7 billion cost per year in absenteeism
  • $146 million in compensation claims

The OurWorkplace WORKS™ Program

People can usually see the symptoms but they rarely know how to fix these problems, which is why they persist or keep popping up in different forms.

This program addresses the symptoms and underpinning causes of the 180 commonly reported issues and helps companies to get their so- called house in order.

The entire program consists of four phases.

Phase 1 - Foundation Knowledge. Comprises of four, ‘how-to’ online modules, accompanying audio podcasts and mentoring.  Each module interlinks 12 disciplines which are necessary to address more than 180 problematic issues and their underpinning causes commonly reported by executives and staff.

Phase 3 -  Lead and Lag Metrics and Analytics (optional and builds on Phase 1) - Online module, podcasts, mentoring and support in how to develop a full complement of integrating  bespoke lead and lag metrics. Also covers how to use them in predictive operational decision-making. 

Phase 2 - Implementation       (optional but builds on phase 1).  Comprises of compliant modules and materials and support for implementing any concepts covered in phase 1.

Phase 4 -  Organisational and Situational Evaluations (optional and builds on phase 3. For senior executives only) How to sift through big-data and evaluate deep root-cause and effect issues impacting the business.

Created by globally recognised leadership & organisational change specialists

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Still not sure if this applies to you and your organisation?

Consider the following:

  • Does your organisation usually run smoothly?
  • Does everyone in your organisation have total role clarity and are working well in their roles ?
  • Do people routinely perform in a way that is expected of them as an employee – including routinely following policies, systems, meeting targets, getting along with each other?
  • Is staff morale high and the workplace culture positive?
  • Is leadership and management timely and consistent across the organisation?
  • Do all sections work together as an integrated part of the whole organisation?


  • Is work constantly being interrupted?
  • Are people having to consistently work extended hours to ensure outcomes?
  • Are there cliques, gossiping, discrimination or bullying?
  • Is stress and burnout occurring?
  • Are people not fully engaged or motivated?
  • Is there a poor organisational culture?
  • Is leadership and management inconsistent?
  • Is there a lack of trust in segments of your organisation?
  • Does a lot of the work fall on the shoulders of a comparative few?

Sample Testimonials

“I recently completed the 4 Modules with OurWorkplace, and highly recommend them. It builds on the foundations that many people instinctively know but then introduces many new concepts, context, structure and tools which I have since been able to utilise in my role. Using this newly learned tool kit (and way of thinking), I am now more confident in my capabilities as a manager in reducing companies risk whilst fostering a more aligned and motivated high performing team. A great training package. Thanks once again”

N.G General Manager East, LogiCamms – A Verbrec Company.

“I was blown away with what was I was learning and just how beneficial I found the information within the whole course.  I had never before understood quite so well the correlation between cause and effect issues in workplaces.  It showed exactly why getting the foundations right really matters, and is not something you can bypass or do in part if you truly want your workplace to function well”. 

W.P. Department of Trade and Investment

“I recently completed the OurWorkplace leadership modules, which included one on one mentoring from Dr Karen Borgelt. Karen is very knowledgeable, empathetic and highly responsive. I can’t thank her enough for her time and for sharing her insights. I can thoroughly recommend this program and I would encourage organisations to include their supervisors, leadership teams and HR specialists in the learning process”.

L.B. CEO Workpower

“The course is set out in a logical manner Through the mentoring sessions I was able to work through the KPI setting process with Karen to ensure consistency and objectivity. Overall, I found the course to be insightful and valuable for my development. Leading into my mentoring sessions there was always a practical discussion that was topical based on the learnings from the modules. I would highly recommend the course for any leader”.

N.H Head of Products HIF

Our Guarantee

We guarantee a substantial organisational improvement if the module content is implemented and used as described.

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